corporate medical care

Malmin Medical has extensive experience in providing a full range of corporate medical services. Our flexible approach means you can arrange a “tailor-made” or “mix-and-match” programme to suit your particular needs.

A number of services are available on an ‘on-site’ basis, where the level of frequency is determined by your company’s needs. For example, some companies require a visiting GP or nurse one half day per month.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to talk things through on the phone, or arrange to meet you at your convenience to discuss your particular corporate requirements.

hours lost at work from gp appointments

Visiting the GP is sometimes very time consuming and many hours are lost from work. At Malmin Medical we have an on-site GP to deal with any aspect of your health care. We offer flu vaccinations and these can be administered at your office or in one of our clinics. Our on-site GP can offer you early, late or lunchtime appointments to fit in with your working day.

with a clinic near to your workplace, you have all the benefits of:

  • Short-notice appointments – which can be much more convenient than a long wait in Accident & Emergency or trying to arrange see a National Health GP.
  • Reduction of absence and stress for you and your staff who have to cope in the absence of a colleague.
  • The sooner diagnosis is made, the sooner treatment can begin and the sooner your employee will recover. Malmin Medical has on-site access to advanced facilities for testing and diagnosis so many conditions can be diagnosed at once whereas most GP surgeries will have to send samples away and wait several days for results.
  • Where travelling to someone’s own GP involves a long journey while they are suffering from common conditions like a severe headache, diarrhoea, vomiting or back pain, it can be stressful. It is preferable to have treatment facilities available nearer to your workplace.
  • If your employee needs referral to a specialist, this can be arranged rapidly, sometimes within the hour in emergency cases, using our network of top specialists and leading hospitals. A prompt referral like this can sometimes be a life-saver.

Often after treatment – and sometimes just reassurance – your employee will be able to return immediately to work which means less disruption all round. It can mean less meetings cancelled, less projects held up, less stress on those who have to take over their workload and less dissatisfied clients.

Call us on 0207 251 2222 to discuss your corporate medical requirements.