Our standard GP London consultation is 15 minutes for just £60. When you call to book the appointment we can advise you on appointment length and how long we will need to allocate for your concern.

At your consultation we will listen, examine and work with you to find the best answer possible to your concerns. With our convenient central London locations, you can visit us in your lunch hour.

Every imaginable health need can be explored – from coughs to contraception, anxiety to asthma, cystitis to second opinions, insomnia to insurance, diabetes to driving medicals… Our experienced General Practitioners will do their very best to help you with any health or lifestyle issues you may have.

For most things a solution is found there and then.  For more complicated and difficult problems, where neat answers don’t exist, we provide empathetic collaboration and a willingness to explore ways to improve your health, happiness and capacity to cope.

On some occasions a specialist referral will be required which we can arrange for you but we will do our best to meet your needs in house if possible.

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