private blood tests

A blood test can be used as a means of getting a general overview of your health, or can be tailored to more specific ends.

The types of blood testing we offer include: Full blood profile, Pregnancy / Beta HCG, Hormone profiles, Sexual health testing, Thyroid function tests, Vitamin D level, Vitamin B12 level, Health risk profile, Allergy testing, and much more.

full blood profile

The full blood profile may help to identify any underlying issues that need to be addressed before they develop into more serious health problems. The full blood profile also provides a good reflection of how your lifestyle choices are affecting your body and overall health. It can also help to identify any underlying conditions that affect your quality of life, such as anaemia, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

same day results available

  • Full blood count (haematology)
  • Checks for infection and inflammation
  • Cholesterol (lipid) screening
  • Liver function screening
  • Kidney function screening
  • Calcium screening
  • Potassium level check
  • Sodium level check
  • Glucose level check
  • Iron and ferritin profiling
It  is  a  simple  process  in  which  a  doctor places  a  needle  into  a blood vessel  on  the inside of your forearm, and uses an attached syringe to draw out a small measure of blood. The sensation is one of a brief prick or scratch, but the drawing of blood itself is  not  painful.  You  may  experience  some  discomfort,  and some  patients  feel  light-headed briefly after the process. Be sure to alert your doctor if  you know  you react this way, so that they can take extra care to ensure your comfort.
Different techniques take different times for a result to come back. However, the vast majority  of  results  are  ready  within  12  hours.  Your  doctor  will  let  you  know turnaround  times  during  your  consultation  or  otherwise,  please  ask  the  team  when you call to book.
Except for sexual health and pregnancy testing, you should have a consultation with a doctor in order for your results to be interpreted by them later. This is because it is not good medical practice to interpret results for patients where medical history and symptoms  have  not  been  discussed.  You  can  have  tests  without  a  consultation  at our clinic and the results will be emailed to you to provide to your GP or specialist.